Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upcoming Boarder / Skiercross - Saturday March 8th

Schedule of Events
- 9:00-10:30 inspection & Training
- 10:45-1:30 Qualifying Runs
- 2:00-3:30 Finals

- Qualifications: 2 Timed Runs, Best of 2
- Finals
Children : One Timed Run (ages 6 to 12)
Youth/Adult: Elimination Format, Four Skiers/Boarders At the asme time, Top Two Advance.

Antipasto Platter
Caesar Salad
Rolls And Butter
Penne with tomato basil sauce
Organic greens
Roasted Chicken
Assorted desserts
Fresh fruit platter

Event and Meal
Children (ages 6 to 12) $20.00
Youth/Adult $30.00
Meal Only
Youth/Adult $17.95
Child 12& under $9.95
Event Only
Youth/Adult $15.00
Children $10.00

Helmets are Mandatory, and tickets are available at Guest Services.

Photo above: Mike Grigg taking the lead and ripping up the boardercross course from a few years back at Searchmont Resort. (photo by: Travis McCormack)

Saturday March 8th, 2008

Myrica - 4th Place in Red Mountain B.C. Provincial SBX Race

4th Place in Red Mountain B.C. Provincial SBX Race
Searchmont's Hinich persists after “big crash” during training

Red Mountain, B.C. ~ During the B.C. Provincial Boarder Cross Series race in Red Mountain B.C. former Searchmont resident Myrica Hinich came in 4th out of 14 competitors in the Senior Women's FIS category.

“I had a pretty good day”; reflects Hinich, “I qualified 2nd and came in 4th altogether. I'm okay with that except for the fact that I was way ahead in First, but fell right near the end in the finals...in the heat before finals I fell in the exact same place! In the first heat I got up right away and still came in second somehow, meaning I advanced to the finals. I raced well for the rest of the day...and that's all I came away from that race with..is knowing that I rode it real well until the fall. I am still not quite over it...I had it...it was so close and it could have been mine! During training yesterday I had a big crash on the first feature and was pretty sore all day today.”

Red Mountain was the first FIS points race Hinich participated in since the Canadian Open Snowboard Cross Finals at Mt Cypress in Vancouver in April 2007. At the time she was a member of the Ontario SBX team and competed all over Canada.

This season she opted to reside in Whistler B.C. to gain experience as a snowboarding instructor. She impressed by placing 1st in the ATOMIC Super Boarder Cross race January 20th 2008. She then decided to sign up for this first race as an independent FIS competitor.

What's next? Hinich is back into competitions:

~ Big White B.C. Provincial SBX Series Finals on March 2nd
~ Canadian Open Snowboard Cross Tour in Castle Mountain AB on March 15 / 16
~ Canadian Snowboard Cross Nationals in Mt Cypress B.C. On April 4 / 5 (venue for snowboarding at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games)

as well as:

~ Whistler Coaching course March 8 – 10
~ Level 2 instructor course March 24- 27

Local sponsors include Filtrec & Main Filter, Fuzed Notions Graphic Design, Algoma's Watertower Inn, Back in Motion.

Myrica gratefully thanks her sponsors for continuing to believe in her persistence.


For more information please contact:
Britta Wolfert

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Searchmont / SAFA - Big Air

The big air competition was a blast. There were plenty of big tricks thrown from the skiers and the snowboarders. Vesa Luomaranta and Colton Shawe both through out big 900 degree spins but couldn't overtake Chris Balogh's switch frontside rodeo 720 for the win in the snowboard male 14 and over class.

Photo above: The winners for the snowboarding male 14 and under class. With Jacob Stubinsky taking first (centre), Marco Cesco with second (right), and Matt Zahn rounding out the top three (left).

13 and under Mens Ski
1st Place – 34.5 – Matias Franco
2nd Place – 31.5 – Justin Hunt
3rd Place – 25 - Nathan Hunt

14 and over Mens Ski
1st Place – 46 – Casey Travaglini
2nd Place – 45 – Taylor Deloroski
3rd Place – 36 - Damien Belanger

13 and under Womens Snowboard
1st Place – 43.5 – Maddison Simpson
2nd Place – 38.5 – Riley Smith

13 and Over Womens Snowboard
1st Place – 41 – Riley Hodgson
2nd Place – 38.5 – Jenna Congdon
3rd Place – 35.5 - Brittany Fera

13 and under Mens Snowboard
1st Place – 40.5 – Jacob Stubinsky
2nd Place – 35 – Marco Cesco
3rd Place – 33.5 – Matthew Zahn

14 and Over Mens Snowboard
1st Place – 50.5 - Chris Balogh
2nd Place – 46 – Colton Shawe
3rd Place – 44.5 – Vesa Luomoranta

Photo: The winners of the snowboarding male 14 and over class. With Chris Balogh taking first (centre), Colton Shawe with second (right), and Vesa Luomaranta in third (left).

The Up and Coming - New Members

This week we've gained two more members to the snowboarding side of The UC. Alex and Matt join Michaela, Maddi, Jessica, Jacob, Marco, Noah and Augustine.

Photo above: Maddi blasting through a 50-50 on the box.
Photo below: Jacob trying some new tricks like this Astro-kick 50-50 on the box.

Urban Sprawl Rail Series - Wellington Square

Event 3 of 3! The final big blowout to the new SAFA - Urban Sprawl Rail Series was decided tonight. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the series a reality. Special thanks to Rene Jackson for dedicating major amount of time building the sweet setup everyone rode. Also, we can't forget our generous sponsors, Searchmont Resort, The Rad Zone, and Duke of Windsor Sport Shop.

Photo above: Skye Chyc - Switch Frontboard

Rad Zone Winners
14 and over mens snowboard class
1st Josh Kunanec
2nd Anthony Stefanizzi
3rd Skye Chyc

14 and under mens snowboard class
1st Justin Nedeau
2nd Jacob Stubinsky
3rd Devon Phillips

Womens snowboard class
1st Brittney Fera
2nd Jenna Congdon
3rd Maddi Simpson

1st Casey Travaglini
2nd Danien Belanger
3rd Robbie Luck

Overall Point Series Winners
14 and over mens snowboard class

14 and under mens snowboard class

Womens snowboard class


Photo below: Rene Jackson announcing the winners in front of the Rad Zone in the Wellington Square Mall.

Bon Soo - Snowboard Rail Jam

The Bon Soo 4th Annual Snowboard Rail Jam (sponsored by Heyden Adventure Base Camp) took place at Bellevue Park Saturday night.

The event was dominated by members of the newly formed local freestyle club S.A.F.A.. Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance (S.A.F.A) members Skye Chyc (TWNB) and Brittnay Fera both took home 1st place at the annual Bon Soo event. The finish was a close one according to Skye who said that he and another S.A.F.A member Taylor Cesco were tied for first place and had to go head to head for the #1 spot.

Both athletes are looking forward to competing in the upcoming final competition of the S.A.F.A Urban Sprawl Rail Series. The final of three events is slated to be held at the Wellington Square Mall on Thursday Feb. 07, 08.

Photo above: Nick Farand with a nice long nosepress nosegrab on Heyden's new box during the snowy night of competition at Bellevue Park. (photo by: Carole Stubinsky)

Snow Champs Chomp - Thursday Jan 31st @ 5pm

Thursday, January 31st, 2008
(P.D. day on Friday, February 1st!!!)

Silent Auction: 5:30 p.m. Dinner (awesome!) & Live Auction: 6:30 p.m. Adult tickets: only $ 25. Students: only $ 15.

To all Seachmont Fanatics, Skiers, Snowboarders and Freestylers! This is your chance to bring in some cold, hard cash for SAFA, Sault and Area Freestyle Alliance for a bigger and better Terrain Park!!!! Bring your parents, grandparents and friends and show your support. This is not only for our friends, the Searchmont Ski Runners and Sault Finnish Nordic Racers

SAFA really benefits from this:
~ new rails
~ new boxes
~......................you name it!!!

So go and check out SNOW CHAMPS CHOMP witth your friends and parents and see YOUR TERRAIN PARK grow into something really big!!!!!!!!

Tickets sold at:
Algoma's Watertower Inn
Searchmont Resort (watch for the table on Saturdays!)
TD Canada Trust Cambrian Mall

For more information call Britta Wolfert (Myrica Hinich's mom) at 759-8116

Searchmont local takes first place in Whistler!

First place in Whistler B.C. Boarder Cross Race
Searchmont girl takes Whistler by storm in SBX

Myrica Hinich placed 1st in her category at the ATOMIC Super Boarder Cross race in Whistler B.C. Hinich came in first during qualifications on Saturday and succeeded on Sunday during the final race.

Whistler is her residence at this time, where the 19 year-old chose to instruct snowboarding this season, while competing when she has the opportunity. She was one of only two females, the other from Japan, chosen to instruct an Australian group in the prestigious “Yes” program for the past week. During the 2006 / 2007 winter season Hinich was the front runner on the Ontario Boarder Cross Team, competing all over Canada.

SAFA, the local “Searchmont and Area Freestyle Alliance” has evolved from last winters efforts and is now offering competitions for local youth in snowboarding and skiing freestyle competitions.

Searchmont Resort - The terrain park is up!

The majority of the new 2007 / 2008 Searchmont Terrain park is up! Many thanks to all the groomer drivers and park staff, like Jake Trumble, that laboured through the night to make it happen!

In the video above we have Vesa Luomaranta busting out a very large backside 540 over the largest tabletop jump in the park (50 feet), and in the video below it's Dan Pandzic doing a frontside 360 over the same 50 footer.

Urban Sprawl Rail Series - Finn Hill

Event 2 of 3 of the Urban Sprawl Rail Series was a hit. Over 30 skiers and snowboarders battled it out for more points this past Thursday night.

The Urban Sprawl Rail Series Standings
(first event + second event = total)
First place = 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points and whoever participated automatically gets 1 point

Anthony Stefanizzi 1 + 4= 5
Brad Charlebois.....4 +1= 5
Skye Chyc...........1 +3= 4
Trevor Bradley..... 3+ 1= 4
Chris Bennett....... 1+ 2= 3
Nick Dodds.......... 2+ 1= 3
Chris Bruni........... 1+ 1= 2
Peter Jokic........... 1+ 1= 2
Derrick Neveau...... 1+ 1= 2
Dylan Seabrook...... 1+ 1= 2

Justin Nedeau......3+4=7
Jacob Stubinsky....4+3=7
Devon Phillips.......2

Jenna Congdon.......4+3=7
Brittney Fera..........3+4=7
Maddi Simpson.........2

Casey Travaglini....3+3=6
Dalton Hermiston...4+1=5
Jacob Running......1+4=5
Robbie Luck.........2+2=4

Anybody who competed in only 1 of the events has 1 point at this time.

Many thanks to all our sponsors; Searchmont Resort, The Rad Zone, Duke of Windsor Sport Shop.

The Up and Coming - Team "UC"

New this year to Searchmont Resort is the "UC" program, which is a freestyle development program for skiiers and snowboarders. Click here for details. The photo above shows Team members; Michaela, Maddi, Coach Travis McCormack, and Jacob perched on the new beginner rail built by Mike Stubinsky.

Photo: Michaela working on her new boardsliding skills. The group is still accepting members. If you are interested please contact the Searchmont Resort Snow School Desk @ 705-781-2340.

Urban Sprawl - Bellevue Park Video Footage

Many thanks to Dan Missere for filming/editing/and posting the footage from our Bellevue park event all in one evening.

Urban Sprawl Rail Series - Bellevue Park

The first of three events of the SAFA Urban Sprawl Rail Series went off with out a hitch, but plenty of frontboards. Many thanks to all our sponsors; Searchmont Resort, The Rad Zone, Duke of Windsor Sport Shop.

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new SAFAsnow.com website! The best place to stay up to date on information concerning freestyle ski and snowboard events in the Algoma region of Northern Ontario.